Delivery JHB  & PTA = R 725 (In. VAT)

Delivery Harties = R 840 (In. VAT)

  • Between 1-3 working days from payment, but can be longer when demand surges particularly in cold snaps.
  • We always do our level best to get your firewood you as soon as humanly possible. We prefer you warm and happy not cold and grumpy.
  • We do work on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment and delays we strongly advise ordering in advance if you are able to.
  • The delivery crew have an allocation of 15min to offload per delivery in order for us to get everyone their much anticipated firewood.
  • Bagged firewood can be trollied a fair & reasonable distance from the delivery vehicle and neatly packed bag on bag. We do not empty the bags and stack loose firewood. Loose load firewood (fire basket & Bonfire wood) is off loaded alongside the parked delivery vehicle. We do not move the firewood further than that.
  • If you have any special requirements give us a shout to avoid a log jam.

In an ideal world, yes we would. Unfortunately the reality is we are delivering a heavy bulky product with heavy vehicles in unpredictable traffic, time consuming security check points, and other factors beyond our control making it impossible and unrealistic to commit to exact delivery times.

We can commit to a specific day.

If you have any specific requirements please let us know and let’s see if we can assist you.  

  • Our delivery service is a flat rate per delivery; therefor the more firewood you order per delivery the cheaper the unit cost of your firewood becomes.
  • An average home will burn approximately 40 of our size fireplace bags a winter. If you have the storage space available we strongly recommend ordering at least 40 bags worth.
  • By ordering enough firewood first time round you won’t have to pay for another delivery.
  • Firewood does not “go off” or perish overnight, weeks, months and even years if stored correctly (dry & well ventilated area). Left over firewood can be used the following season. It will not go to waste.