Hardwoods produce a longer lasting fire & bed of coals compared with Softwoods. Our Hardwoods are predominantly Eucalyptus (Gum tree) and ocasionally Black Wattle. May also contain other hardwood species from time to time.

Locally Harvested:

Harvested & Processed by ourselves from Alien Invasive trees growing in and around Gauteng. Locally harvested is our premier hard firewood for heating purposes. Burning our firewood is environmentally friendly.

Here's a helpfull tip:

Burn a combination of Hard & Soft wood. Softwood for either starting a quick and easy fire that instatntly warms your home or to revive a fire that has died back. Hardwood then to maintain your fire and warmth more conveniantly and economically. To make things even easier use our Kindling in combination with the Hard & Softwood.

We recomend buying a ratio of 1 Kindling : 1 Softwood : 10 Hardwood of our size bags or there abouts.

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Ave = 15.50 kg

Softwood is ideal; for lighting a quick and easy fire that instantly warms your home, or to revive a fire that has died back. Produces excellent flame and accelerated heat out put, but does not burn as long or provide the lasting coal bed as that of Hardwood.

Our Softwood is predominantly poplar, pine, jacaranda, cypress and other perfectly suitable softwood species.


Here's a helpful tip:

Burn a combination of Hard & Soft wood; Softwood for starting or reviving a fire that has died back, then switching to Hardwood to maintain your fire more conveniently and economically.

To make fire lighting even easier try our Kindling in combination with the Hard & Softwood.

We recommend using a ratio of 1 Kindling : 1 Softwood : 10 Hardwood of our bags or there abouts.