Shortz & Smallz - Hardwood -locally harvested Bag

Shortz & Smallz - Hardwood -locally harvested Bag


Hardwoods produce a longer lasting fire & bed of coals compared with Softwoods. Our Hardwoods are predominantly Eucalyptus (Gum tree) and ocasionally Black Wattle. May also contain other hardwood species from time to time.

Locally Harvested:

Harvested & Processed by ourselves from Alien Invasive trees growing in and around Gauteng. Locally harvested is our premier hard firewood for heating purposes. Burning our firewood is environmentally friendly.

Here's a helpfull tip:

Burn a combination of Hard & Soft wood. Softwood for either starting a quick and easy fire that instatntly warms your home or to revive a fire that has died back. Hardwood then to maintain your fire and warmth more conveniantly and economically. To make things even easier use our Kindling in combination with the Hard & Softwood.

We recomend buying a ratio of 1 Kindling : 1 Softwood : 10 Hardwood of our size bags or there abouts.

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Ave. = 19.13 kg