Kindling - Wood - uniform 27cm Lengths Bag

Kindling - Wood - uniform 27cm Lengths Bag

Uniform 27cm Wood Lengths

Premium quality A grade wood kindling.


Good to start or revive 20 fires - R4.50 per fire. 


Custom hand split kindling 27cm lengths.


Clean (not dirty waste sweepings).


Neat and compactly packed (not loosely thrown into bag).  


The best wood kindling on the market.


Here's a helpful tip: 

Start or revive your fire quick and easy with our Kindling and Soft wood (with their accelerated heat output), then switch to our Hardwood to maintain your fire more conveniently and economically.


Burn a ratio of 1 Kindling* : 4 Softwood : 40 Hardwood bags or there abouts.


* 27cm wood length kindling.